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We get involved in anything to do with designing and decorating spaces.



It could be a complete project when we get involved right at the start alongside an architect. We work with plans and help clients to envisage the look of the finished space. We help to choose surface finishes and materials, such as cladding, flooring, walls and ceilings. Design the colour scheme for the whole house. Decide on the bathroom and kitchen design. Help to choose lighting. And finally design, manufacture and install window treatments, supply furniture and accessories.

We are also happy to do any of the above stages on its own. You might be looking to repaint your house and needing interior and/or exterior colour scheme.

You might want to change curtains or need a new sofa. Want to wallpaper a room or reupholster your favourite chair. Or to simply make sure that the way you are thinking of rearranging your furniture is going to work.


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We have nearly two decades of experience.

We keep up to date with international innovations and trends.

We differentiate timeless from fleeting.

We respect quality and craftsmanship.

We formed longstanding relationship with NZ finest craftsmen and manufacturers as well as importers of major international brands.

Interpretation of that inspiration and making it all happen is the next step. We work with finest craftsmen and suppliers in the industry to make sure everything is executed to the highest standard. We deliver comprehensive design services and get involved at every stage of the project. We design interiors our clients love to live or work in.

Anna Escher | Interior Projects

Any design process starts with inspiration. After nearly two decades of designing interiors we still get inspired by spaces and by people who are going to live in them. We help our clients to make decisions about their homes which will make them feel good. We strive to create spaces which reflect who they are and how they live.

Anna Escher | Interior Projects